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Risha and Alex first met whilst living in Barcelona in 2013. Soon after they began writing, recording and performing their own material inspired by combining their diverse musical tastes and expressing their personal journeys through life, that brought them together. Now based in Cambridge, Risha and Alex explore their alternative music style, staying true to their influences, experiences and beliefs. 

In January 2022 they recorded their latest single 'CHAAND (moon)' - a song that stands in its own right from their other songs, a special place between a ritual and a prayer. It's the most personal song written by Risha about the difficult journey of loss and acceptance. Written in both English and Hindi as a reflection of Risha's Indian heritage and British upbringing. This track received praise from BBC Introducing Cambridge Presenter Rebecca May (full review under 'Press'). 

The music of Risha & Alex hopes to unit, connect and empower their listeners worldwide. 

Music Biography:


In the summer of 2018 Risha & Alex self-released their EP, 'Year Of The Dragon', recorded at Headline Music Studios, Cambridge. Since then they worked on new material and recorded their following single 'Impermeable'. In spring of 2019 Risha and Alex recorded and produced two new singles 'Blaze The Trail' and 'Sooraj (Hindi)'. The tracks explore the fusion of Spanish guitars, Spanish-style music and flamenco with Indian elements and language, creating songs that are not only unique but accessible to the modern listener. 'Sooraj' received praise and airplay from Tom Robinson (Fresh On The Net) and BBC Radio 6 in 2020In January 2020 they recorded their single, 'Break The Cycle' - their first track using a full band, this song is about breaking deeply ingrained patterns, behaviours and barriers that create inner blockages preventing us from becoming our true selves. 

Personal Biography:


Both Risha and Alex have had different musical paths that have brought them together - Risha, who is of Indian origin, has been singing all her life and playing various instruments from a young age (violin, flute, piano, guitar, vocals). Born in Scotland she then moved to Cambridge with her family where her love of music grew and became her escapism. Ending up pursuing Modern Languages at Oxford University she speaks French and Spanish and has spent time living in Barcelona, Paris, Cuba and Andorra, with music always at the forefront. Alex is half Italian and grew up in Rome before he moved with his family to Devon. Having played many instruments from early on (bass, piano, guitar, cello, vocals), music has always been at the centre of his life through the ups and downs. He went on to join several bands of varying genres, whilst also being the frontman of the band 'A Life In Orange', based in Bath.


By fusing their cultural and personal experiences with their ever-growing musical inspirations from around the world you may hear influences from India or Spain, elements of folk and flamenco to straight up pop and rock, especially in their upcoming singles.

Since writing their original material, Risha & Alex have performed at gigs and open mics in Cambridge, London and Devon, with more on the way. Watch this space! 

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